Prison break; Fear dissident inmates are hatching copycat Maze plan


15 August 2010
The News of the World
Ciaran McGuigan

It's feared dissident republicans who called off a dirty protest could be plotting a mass jail ESCAPE instead.

The group in top security Maghaberry Prison won search concessions and secured free movement and association 12 hours a day inside the republican landings after a deal with prison chiefs.

The deal on Thursday ended a two-month dirty protest by dissidents at the jail's Roe House.

But seasoned staff fear the settlement means prisoners are now well-placed to stage a repeat of the mass IRA break-out from the Maze in 1983 — when 38 men escaped after taking over an entire jail block.
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Warder flees over kill plot


8 August 2010
The News of the World

A prison officer has been moved from his Co Antrim home and hidden because of a dissident republican murder plot.

The warder was whisked from Maghaberry village and taken to a secret location on Thursday after news of the threat was leaked.

The plot came as terrorist godfather Paul McCaugherty, 43, of Oglaigh na hEireann, ordered an escalation of the ongoing dirty protest inside the republican wing of Maghaberry Prison's Roe House.

In a statement, the Prison Service said the protest involved prisoners "fouling areas of their living accommodation by pouring urine, sometimes mixed with excrement, on to the landings. Staff have also had discarded urine aimed at them".
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