IRA terrorists were based in the Algarve


6 Nov 2009
Hugo Franco

Google Translation (with apologies and request for more accurate translation. Original Article HERE)

Two operational Irish kept explosives in a restaurant in Alvor are on trial for murder in Belfast.

Panda Grill does not serve pints of Guinness or transmit games between Liverpool and Arsenal in the plasma display. Is a restaurant Algarve typical of bifanas and grilled fish, away from noisy pubs frequented by foreigners in the center of Alvor.

It was at that location that Paul Anthony McCaugherty , 43, and Michael Gregory, 41, two citizens of Northern Ireland, met to negotiate the purchase and sale of weapons between 2005 and 2006.

This week is being tried in Belfast, suspected of belonging to the Real IRA, a dissident faction of the Republican army (IRA).
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Real IRA suspects unmasked


15 March 2009
The Sunday Life
Ciaran McGuigan
Spotlight falls on accused as cops make arrests over soldier killings

Paul Anthony John McCaugherty accused of trying to buy weapons and explosives for real IRA.

This is the man accused of being behind a plot to import tonnes of weapons into Ulster for the Real IRA. Our main picture shows the man cops have accused of being the Number Two in the dissident republican organisation responsible for gunning down two soldiers in cold blood last Saturday night.
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